Our Strategy

While we encourage participants to reach out to lawmakers at all levels of government, in 2021, the DARES work will primarily focus on 30 Senators – 15 from each party – whom we believe can be encouraged to act quickly and decisively and at the scale this crisis requires. These lawmakers – members of the Reluctant Center – must be persuaded that bold action is the only appropriate response to a crisis of this magnitude.

How to Use Our Targets List

In our Google Spreadsheet Target List you will find information about the specific ‘asks’ we’re making, details about who we’re targeting in Congress and why, and how to get in touch with them.

The first page of the spreadsheet contains instructions and general information, which we will update regularly with new information about our strategy, priorities and targets. The following two tabs provide contact information for House and Senate targets including relevant staff members, committee assignments, caucus identification and more.

Tracking Our Progress

As you complete your calls and emails, please make sure you are logging your contacts so we can track who is being contacted and by whom.


The most effective contacts will include your personal congressperson or senator, a member to whom you contribute financially (especially leadership or frontline members), lawmakers from states where you have a business, residence or investment. If you are a significant contributor to one or more of the party committees or support a number of different candidates, please contact party committee leadership as well.