DARES (Donors Advocating for Real Economic Solutions) is an informal network of influencers working together to advance President Biden’s priorities for COVID-19 Relief and Recovery legislation. We encourage and facilitate direct lawmaker advocacy, and provide regular expert briefings on the crisis and analysis of effective public policy solutions.

“Folks, this is a time of testing. . . Are we going to step up? All of us? It’s time for boldness, for there is so much to do. And this is certain, I promise you, we will be judged, you and I, by how we resolved these cascading crises of our era.”

–President Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address
January 20, 2021


Participants are investors, business leaders, philanthropists, and other influencers. Participation is by invitation only. We invite like-minded organizations and individuals who agree with some of all of the Biden Covid Relief and Recover Priorities to participate. To join, please email Chloe@patrioticmillionaires.org


In 2021, DARES will focus on advancing the Biden Administration’s priorities for Relief and Recovery. Those priorities will:

  • Reform Corporate Taxes to close loopholes and end incentives for offshoring jobs
  • Ensure top earners pay their fair share in Individual Taxes
  • Extend key tax credits for working families

Do I have to agree with every priority to participate?

No. Getting everyone to agree on anything is impossible so this project provides guidance on priorities,
but invites participants to focus on the pieces they believe are most important.

Do I have to join an organization or contribute financially to participate?


What if I agree with some or most of President Biden’s priorities for Relief and Recovery, but want to see his Administration go even bigger?

There will be regular opportunities to share your perspective with lawmakers, experts, and other influencers.

What will my participation look like?

Participants in the DARES project will be briefed on the portfolio of priorities, identify those they support and then will be asked to contact key lawmakers individually or as part of a small group as appropriate.


We invite all like-minded individuals and networks to participate in the DARES project.